This is the end :)

Thesis finished! No more writing till the morning for some time.

English summary:

The main purpose of my thesis is to cover the a road in theory, to the establishing of the example webshop. I cover the necessary topics for this.
In the first part I’m introducing e-commerce, and the main parts of a webshop. Then I’ll examine the Long Tail theory, and the advantages and disadvantages.
In the second part, I’m covering the main parts of the web 2.0, the development of the internet, the main fields where companies are using these possibilities.
The third part is about the webshops as a main part of the e-business. I’m covering the look and build of a common webshop. I’m emphasising the sell aid services, such as SEO, SMO, web analytics, community building. The online payment methods and applied laws are also in this part.
The fourth part is the planning of the Teafutá webshop. It covers both the design and the back systems. This part contains the ideas, which I believe, can make this particular webshop profitable and be able to stay alive in the market.


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I’m testing Amazon. I need a book for my thesis. I’ve found it in Finland at the library, but here in Hungary nobody heard about it… So I need to order it. It does cost a looot of money… But at least, there is the joy of trying something new. The delivery time is 11 March. Not too fast I must say. We’ll see how the package will look like. Hope they do a good job on that.
By the way, the book is:

This thesis writing gives me chill… I have no idea how to get the info I need, or how to do this thing at all…

I so want to be after all of this and say it was easy. 🙂