Denmark / Dánia


Gyakoroltunk, próbálkoztunk, érintkeztünk.

Kontaktból én lettem a próbababa Kamillánál. Jó. Tudja hogy mit csinál és át tudja vinni. Vezetésben és követésben és össztáncban is. Így jó tanulni, átélni, olyantól tanulni aki előrébb jár. Mint a shiatsu tanulás.

Sokat érzek shiatsuból a kontaktban. Sok a közös pont. Talán onnan van az érzékenység.

Sok technika, erőnlét és mozgékonyság még hiányzik. De majd.



This is the end :)

Thesis finished! No more writing till the morning for some time.

English summary:

The main purpose of my thesis is to cover the a road in theory, to the establishing of the example webshop. I cover the necessary topics for this.
In the first part I’m introducing e-commerce, and the main parts of a webshop. Then I’ll examine the Long Tail theory, and the advantages and disadvantages.
In the second part, I’m covering the main parts of the web 2.0, the development of the internet, the main fields where companies are using these possibilities.
The third part is about the webshops as a main part of the e-business. I’m covering the look and build of a common webshop. I’m emphasising the sell aid services, such as SEO, SMO, web analytics, community building. The online payment methods and applied laws are also in this part.
The fourth part is the planning of the Teafutá webshop. It covers both the design and the back systems. This part contains the ideas, which I believe, can make this particular webshop profitable and be able to stay alive in the market.


Thank you


Spider Se: My first climbing with friends / Az első mászás pár baráttal

So here is the thing. I do have a little fright from high places. But when I heard that 2 of my friends are regularly having wall climbing training I wanted to go and try. Because ever since the kendo period of my life ended, I become to be softer and softer. Jodo and Kyudo wont make any difference in this. And it is a good step to make. Make myself to do it. So I biked there (30 minutes from home. Piece of cake 🙂 ) and I loved it. I’m going to go there every week. It was just perfect. By the end I was able to run up in a beginner wall. I do feel that I’m way out of being in shape, but hey, it makes it more challenging. I havent felt muscle pain for about 3 years. Kinda missed it. Now, I feel more alive! I’m moving. Not fighting. I love to have something which has nothing to do with weapons. It is free and relieving. And pretty much joyfull. Thank you friends! Made my life a little more brighter 🙂 Again 🙂

This was just the beginning, I’ll be there again on the wall next friday! (yes, with shorter nails, and in shorts 😉 )

OK, so here we are!



There will be some pause in the life of the blog. I’m pretty much over my head with my thesis, school and traineeship…
But I’ll try to post some photos from time to time, amd if a story comes i wont disagree to write it 🙂
Until then you can ask for posts about something or ask questions. 😉