Degree :) / Diploma :)

Yes, finally I finished my school! I got the papers today 🙂
And I had a lovely lunch with my tutor friends 😛 , Ági néni, and with my parents. The restaurant was a pleasant surprise, and I had a great time!
Igen, végre vége!
Ma megkaptam a diplomám 🙂
Utána volt egy nagyon jó kis ebéd két korrepetáló barátosnémmal a szüleimmel és Ági nénivel. Az étterem pedig meglepően jó volt 🙂 Nagyon jól éreztem magam!



This thesis writing thing is not fun. I mean, I’ve found very few usable books.
But because of this, I’ve found a very interesting book.
It’s Contemporary Advertising from Arens /Weigold / Arens.

I love advertising. Not the sellng shit to everybody, but the creative side. The thing that they are actually doing something, not just messing with an excel table.
If there is anybody out there who could use an extra man as a trainee in an advertising company, I’d love to work in one. 🙂