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I’m testing Amazon. I need a book for my thesis. I’ve found it in Finland at the library, but here in Hungary nobody heard about it… So I need to order it. It does cost a looot of money… But at least, there is the joy of trying something new. The delivery time is 11 March. Not too fast I must say. We’ll see how the package will look like. Hope they do a good job on that.
By the way, the book is:

This thesis writing gives me chill… I have no idea how to get the info I need, or how to do this thing at all…

I so want to be after all of this and say it was easy. 🙂

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It’s always a big problem to find relevant info for thesis – it’s rather old or there’s no info at all – very often it’s the second option 😀 i don’t wanna think about it yet, no no no no… I hope this book helps you in writing 😉

It looks hard to write a thesis. I want to say I’m so lucky I don’t have to write one for my Bachelor’s Degree 😀 Anyway, yep I’m here and I cheer you ! Good luck for this thesis 🙂

I ordered a bunch of thing from the US last summer while I was there, and everything from Amazon was all right. Costumer service is also pretty fine. However I never ordered to Hungary because they deliver only the new stuff which is expensive and not the used stuff from the retailer which I would want. Why is there no 🙂

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