Blood Bowl

Naf blood bowl világ bajnokság 2016


Nov 7-9 kerult megrendezesre az esedekes blood bowl vilagbajnpksag 900+ jatekossal a vilagon mindenfelol. Ausztralia, Uj zeland, Usa, Europaban mindenfelol. Szuper elmeny volt ennyi orult tarssal 78oran keresztul kemeny blood bowl.meccseket vivni 🙂
Underworldot vittem, mostansag a kedvenc csapatom. Stunty is meg nem is, mindig fun.
2(nyert)/2(dontetlen)/5(vesztett) aranyt hoztam. Voltak kemeny meccsek, sokszor a kockan mult es a sok eggyesemen de mind nagyon elvezetes volt. Kulon dicsoseg hogy 2-1re vertem a legjobb goblin edzot egy nagyon orult meccsen 🙂


Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl Skills 101


A quick cheat sheet for skills from the CRP (aka LRB6) edition of Blood Bowl.  This is intended for coaches familiar with skills and new coaches should always refer to the official CRP rules for a full understanding of a skill.

As a rule of thumb, each re-roll skill may be used only once per turn.

Block Survive both downs
Dauntless Roll D6 + ST > oppST to block with equal strength
Dirty Player +1 to fouls (armour or injury)
Fend Prevent follow up
Frenzy Mandatory 2nd block on push, follow up mandatory
Kick Can halve kick scatter
Kick-Off Return Move 3 squares at kick off
Pass Block Move 3 squares when oppponent passes
Pro Re-roll any roll on 4+
Shadowing 2D – MA + oppMA <=7 to follow
Strip Ball Pushes dislodge ball
Sure Hands Re-roll pick ups; negates strip ball
Tackle Negates dodge skill
Wrestle On both down, place both players prone, ignore block
Catch Re-roll catches
Diving Catch +1 to catch accurate passes; may catch a ball if landing in an adjacent square (excludes bounces)
Diving Tackle -2 to dodge rolls; tackler placed prone in vacated square
Dodge Re-roll dodge rolls; survive push-pow
Jump Up No stand up penalty; may block from prone on agility roll + 2
Leap Jump 2 squares after making an agility roll
Side Step Choose any available square when pushed or knocked over
Sneaky Git Ignore doubles on unsuccessful foul armour rolls
Sprint Go for it an extra square
Sure Feet Re-roll go for its
Accurate +1 to passes
Dump-Off Can quick pass when blocked
Hail Mary Pass Pass anywhere on 2+; can’t be intercepted; never accurate
Leader Extra re-roll per half
Nerves of Steel Ignore tackle zones for pass/catch rolls
Pass Re-roll failed passes
Safe Throw Make agility roll to ignore interception; keep hold of ball for non-1 fumbles
Break Tackle Dodge with ST instead of AG; once per turn only
Grab Place opponent anywhere; negates side step
Guard Always count as assisting
Juggernaut On blitz only; both down as push; negates stand firm, fend and wrestle
Mighty Blow +1 to armour or injury roll
Multiple Block Block 2 guys, treat them as +2 ST each
Piling On Re-roll armour/injury rolls; player placed prone
Stand Firm Resist pushes, even when knocked over
Strong Arm +1 to pass rolls, except quick pass
Thick Skull KO only on a 9
Big Hand Ignore tackle zones and rain for pick up rolls
Claws Treat opponents as AV7 when blocking
Disturbing Presence -1 to pass/catch rolls within 3 squares
Extra Arms +1 to pick up, catch, and intercept rolls
Foul Appearance 2+ roll required by attackers on blocks
Horns +1 to strength on blitzes
Prehensile Tail -1 to players dodging out
Tentacles 2D – ST + oppST <= 5 to hold opponent
Two Heads +1 to dodge rolls
Very Long Legs +1 to intercept and leap rolls; cancels safe throw
Always Hungry 2+ to attempt TTM; on 1, 2+ to avoid being eaten
Animosity 2+ to pass/hand ball
Ball & Chain Mayhem! Scatter to move; auto block
Blood Lust 2+ to avoid bloodlust; on bloodlust, either bite team mate (injury roll, badly hurt only) or fly away
Bombardier Bombs away! Doesn’t count as a pass
Bone-Head 2+ to act; if failed, tackle zone lost
Chainsaw 2+ to use chainsaw; armour roll + 3 instead of block dice; if failed, chainsaw hits self
Decay Roll twice on the injury table
Fan Favourite +1 FAME
Hypnotic Gaze Agility roll to hypnotize, -1 modifier per tackle zone
Loner 4+ to use rerolls
No Hands No ball allowed
Nurgle’s Rot Raise killed opponent as a rotter
Really Stupid 2+ to act; 4+ if no team mate to help; if failed, tackle zone lost
Regeneration Heal on 4+
Right Stuff Can be thrown
Secret Weapon Banned after play
Stab Armour roll instead of block dice; injury roll ignores niggles
Stakes +1 to armour roll when stabbing undead
Stunty No tackle zone modifiers when dodging; -1 to passing rolls; on injury, 7 is KO, 9 badly hurt
Take Root 2+ to avoid take root; on 1, stuck until knocked over
Throw Team-Mate Only quick or short pass; -1 modifier; no turnover on fumble
Titchy +1 to dodges; no -1 modifier to opposing dodges
Wild Animal 2+ to act on block/blitz, 4+ otherwise; always has tackle zone