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Last day in school

Megvolt az utolso sulinap. Epp a bankban allok sorban szamlatmegszuntetni. Lassan lassan el kell fogadni hogy vege, de orulok is neki. Mert nagyon jo volt, mert sok baratot szereztem, mert vetek lett volna kihagyni. Meg mert a veg egyben kezdet mint mindig. Johetnek az uj kalandok. Kinyilt a vilag. Ezutan lehet majd teljesiteni a meghivasokat. 🙂
Kina, Mexico, Csehorszag, Spanyolorszag, Nemetorszag, Litvania, Finnorszag :), Franciaorszag, Olaszorszag. De mindez remelhetoleg mind Japan utan. 🙂

Vigyazz vilag, jovok! 🙂


Today was the last schoolday. I’m standing in the row in Nordea to close my account. This is the end, we need to accept it. But in a way its good too. Becouse things are good because they have an ending. Like life 🙂 so here we are. After a faboluos semester in Finland with a lot of new friend whom I will miss a lot. And it means the next one begins and the possibilitie of new experiences, new advantures. The world is opened. There is no way back. Like some older opening points. And as always, I cant even imagime how could I live before without these. Lookout world, here I come! I have a lot of invites to fulfill. China, Mexico, Czech, Germany, Litvania, Spain, France, Italy and of course Finland, my love forever 🙂 and all of this I hope will hapoen after Japan. 🙂

And keep in mind:
Always remember the beginners heart.

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